Sunbury Badminton Club hosts badminton competitions at the Clark Oval Stadium on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights each week. To join or just try out, contact us (see the discussions page) or come to the Wed night social hit starting at 7:30pm.

The Sunbury Badminton Club (SBC) first began playing as a social club at Clark Oval McMahon Pavilion with a single court prior to 1980. Records show that the SBC was formed in 1980.

Over the years many players and officials have supported and represented the club. The SBC was a foundation member of the Macedon Ranges Badminton Association (MRBA) and strongly supported the Association throughout its years of operations.

During 1982 to 1994 the MRBA tournaments were played at different stadiums throughout the district on a home and away system. Team members would have to travel approximately 30km weekly to attend matches, over a year this had a tendency to make our sport very expensive. Today all our Pennant Matches are played at Sunbury.

The SBC became incorporated on the 9th July 1985. A big moment for the club.

Our Statement of Purposes are:
1. To promote interest in Badminton.
2. To promote good fellowship among those interested in Badminton.
3. To educate, train, coach and encourage all members of the club.
4. To do all such things and acts conductive to the furtherance of the objects and interests of the club.

Today the SBC Inc operates entirely at Sunbury. Our pennant, social and coaching nights are run at Clark Oval Stadium (Riddell Road).

Although the SBC Inc is not a Junior club, Junior players are encouraged to join the club and to participate in all club

The SBC Inc of today is a proud community based club. Our endeavour is to bring the opportunity to play the greatest game of all to the citizens of Sunbury. The SBC supplies quality Badminton both social and competition to all its members 12months of the year.

The SBC Inc is a fully associated member of Badminton Victoria, we fully support the aims and objectives of Badminton Australia and in doing so encourage all our playing members to be part of the Badminton Community of Australia.
All our members are encouraged to take part in Badminton Victoria Tournaments, the Senior members of our club are very active in the Victorian Veteran Tournaments. These activities are open to all club members who wish to be involved with and participate in these tournaments.

The cost of playing Badminton as with all sport can be very expensive, that is the down side to all sport. The SBC Inc is proud of its efforts to hold these costs in check so that the game will not be lost to the many loyal members associated with the club at this time.

The SBC Inc has had many a proud moment throughout its years of operation, coupled with the proud moments the club has also had its share of bad times. However one thing is sure, the club would not be where it is today if it were not for the effort of many of its members working at Committee level.

Badminton is not the ultimate spectator sport. Badminton is however the ultimate player sport and as such is enjoyed by all our members. There is now a standard of play available for players of all standards at the SBC Inc. Learners however are advised to take part in the Wednesday Social Night where teaching and coaching are available, and then once reaching an expected standard of play, would be encouraged to become more competitive and enter one of the many competitions run within the club.

The SBC Inc holds two competitions throughout the year, Winter and Summer. The standard of play at these tournaments are of a good strong quality.

In 1980 the SBC Inc was formed by a few Badminton players who had a dream and a lot of enthusiasm. Two of these members are still actively involved with the club today.

Today’s members have inherited that dream and enthusiasm, and continue to make the SBC Inc the PROUD club it is today.

Company Overview

Sunbury Badminton Club hosts badminton competitions at the Clark Oval Stadium on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights each week. To join or just try out, contact a committee member or come to the Wednesday night social hit starting at 7:30pm. See the discussion page for contact details.


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